how to vacuum

8 Tips to follow when you vacuum.

     Carpet acts as a filter for your home. It collects household dust to keep it out of your breathing air and air systems. Like any filter, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. This includes proper and regular vacuuming. These eight tips will make your professional carpet cleanings more effective in addition to your carpets lasting longer, staying healthy, looking clean. 

1. Dust and vacuum furniture first

    You don’t want to get dust on your freshly vacuumed carpets. Vacuuming your upholstery also        helps your professional upholstery cleaning be more effective.

2. Prepare the area-  

    ✓ Pick up large debris that may obstruct the vacuum hoses.

    ✓ Move small items that can be placed on large furniture.

    ✓ Tuck in bedskirts and pin up curtains that are touching the floor. 

    ✓ Pick up other items such as toys, clothes, or other clutter.

3. Vacuum edges with crevice tool

      Always use a crevice tool for the edges. This helps prevent filtration lines and build up.

4. Vacuum stroke/passes

      One short stroke forward and back over the same spot. Then move diagonally overlapping first stroke. This should be done all in one direction until entire room has been finished. Using the same technique, do the entire room again in opposite direction. This cleans all sides of the fibers. At this point, there have been four passes completed in total. Some traffic lanes need additional passes.

5. Save your back

      Don’t do such a long stroke that you have to step forward or you are bending over. Use shorter strokes to keep your legs under you to keep stress off of your back. This also makes it easier to stay on track and not miss any spots.

6. Slow down

     The slower you perform these strokes the more dirt and dust you will collect. This is the number one mistake made when vacuuming carpet. Vacuums can not keep up with long, quick strokes.

7. Vacuum head height 

     The height of the vacuum should be adjusted so the beater brush reaches just past the top of your carpet fibers. You should not hear a grinding noise, but instead the airflow of your vacuum.

8. Treat stains

     While you are at it, treat unnoticed stains using our spotting guide. This will keep stains from sitting too long and becoming permanent.

     On top of thoroughly vacuuming your carpet, they should be professionally cleaned every 6 to 12 months. If you are in the Little Rock area, we are always happy to provide you service or just answer questions about your carpet cleaning. 

Thanks for reading!