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Benefits of tile & grout cleaning:

*Great looking appearance.
*Promotes a healthy environment.
*Prolongs the life of grout.


What to expect during the consultation:

*One or both of the owners, Michael and Kayla LaFarlett,
will arrive promptly at the scheduled date and time.

*We will assess your carpet's needs, explain what we can do to help,
and answer any questions you may have.

*A written price sheet, a bottle of our "Spot Out", and other
will be left with you to review.

*We are there to inform and answer questions at no obligation
except for the 15 to 20 minutes of your time.


How do we achieve these great results?

1. Inspect grout for cracks or defects that may worsen during cleaning

2. Apply product to floor to help remove built up soil

3. Scrub each grout line by hand

4. Clean tile and grout with an enclosed high pressure,
high heat tool for the deepest clean

5. Speed dry


Seal that grout

After all dirt is removed and dry we will seal the grout lines. This will help protect the grout from absorbing soils and stains until the next cleaning. If you are going to invest in cleaning your tile, sealing is the only way to go.