cat carpet

Carpet Cleaning

Our 10 step cleaning process includes: 
1. Pre-inspection
2. thorough vacuuming
3. Conditioning
4. Agitation
5. General spotting
6. Hot water extraction
7.  Post spotting
8. Speed drying
9. Post groom
10. Final inspection

tile and grout

Tile & grout

After scrubbing each grout line we use a high pressure rotary tool up to 1000 psi that extracts dirt from your tile floors, removing it from the pores of the grout. We then seal your tile and grout to protect it between cleanings.  



Each type of fabric requires special treatment. We have been trained to assess even the most delicate materials. Our special, enclosed hot water extraction tool ensures the correct amount of moisture is used on your furniture.


dryer vents

Dryer Vents

Lint, dirt, and many other objects can clog or obstruct proper airflow for your dryer. This can cause a fire, lengthen dry times, and excessive wear on your dryer. 
This should be done once per year on average. Let us fix this for you!

area rug

Area rugs

We will pick your rug up and take back to our shop to perform the deep cleaning. It generally takes 3 days to clean, deodorize and dry. We will then place your rug in its original spot looking and smelling great!