We all love our pets. Unfortunately, our homes require extra care when pets live indoors.

Pets can cause three issues in your carpet:
1. Odor
2. Contamination
3. Stains.

We will go into detail for all three.

1. Small animals, five pounds or less, deposit two ounces of urine per visit. The first of the liquid is absorbed by the face fibers of the carpet. 

2. When the fibers are fully saturated, the urine comes in contact with your carpet backing. It then spreads along the backing about double the size of the visible area on the surface. When the liquids can no longer spread out, it then seeps through the backing into the carpet pad below.

3. When larger animals are the culprits, the urine tends to reach the subfloor every visit. Smaller animals can have these results as well. Which is especially true when they have a "favorite spot."


We offer three levels of pet contamination treatment to help your pets and home coexist.  

Level one


Topical treatment and deodorize

This is right for you if:

✔︎ Pets have regular access to the carpet.

✔︎ There is noticeable dander odor to guests.


level two


Decontaminate, deodorize, extract

This is right for you if:

✔︎ Small urine deposits are detected.

✔︎ Urine was absorbed by face fibers and did not penetrate backing.

✔︎ Deposits are not all in one location.


level three


Treatment deep into pad and extraction

This is right for you if:

✔︎ Larger pet deposits are detected.

✔︎ "There is a favorite spot." Multiple accidents in one location.

✔︎ Urine penetrated backing into pad and possibly subfloor.


Warning: The longer urine is allowed to stay in fibers, the more potential it has to damage your carpet. 


Severe urine contamination

If urine contamination is severe, we have additional steps to remedy the situation. Call or email us for more information. 501-351-2949