Pre-Cleaning Checklist

The following information are suggestions to help your cleaning go as smooth and efficient as possible. Following these guidelines will help us complete your project and get out of your way.



Furniture and things to move:


❑ Advise your Cleaning Specialist upon arrival about any special requirements on moving your furniture, weak legs, loose tops, etc.

❑ Move any furniture that is not included in your chosen package. Expect it to be off the carpet for 24 hours.

❑ Please pin up any draperies, bed skirts, or furniture skirts that are near touching the floor.

❑ Remove all items from furniture inside and out that will need temporarily moved to clean.

❑ Please remove small, loose items from floor. For example, clothes, toys, newspapers, baskets, any other clutter that covers the floor.

❑ For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning won’t disturb them.

❑ Please have your driveway cleared closest to your door to allow our van access to your home.

❑ We include pre-vacuuming in our 10 step cleaning process, however, the more times it is vacuumed before the cleaning the better.

❑ If we apply carpet protection plan on minimizing foot traffic for at least 4 hours.

❑ Sit out any cleaners or deodorizers that have been used on your carpet or upholstery

❑ If you need to reschedule or cancel just let us know 24 hours in advance if possible.



Post cleaning checklist



❑ It is SLIPPERY! Transitions from your carpet to hard services are going to be extremely slippery. Use caution.

❑ Limit traffic for four hours. Especially if carpet protection is applied.

❑ Leave fans on for the next 24 hours.

❑ Run A/C if it is humid outside.


24 hours later:

❑ Vacuum (link to blog post)

❑ Return furniture and rugs (if we did not move the furniture)

❑ Remove blocks and tabs (if we moved your furniture)

❑ Make sure you are 100% satisfied with the result of our services. Let us know otherwise!