Upholstery Cleaning

Lamar Cleaning stays educated and up to date on fabrics that we may encounter on our cleaning adventures. All upholstered furniture does not clean up the same. We have many techniques to clean all sorts of fabrics depending on material type, soil level, stains, and condition to name a few. 

The most common cleaning method is hot water extraction. We start with a thorough vacuuming of all sides of the cushions and frame. Then condition and agitate depending on the fiber and soil type. The fabric is then cleaned using the hot water extraction method. Speed drying and grooming to finish up the process will ensure a nice finished look.

We also offer fabric protection and deodorizing services for your upholstered possessions.


Why clean upholstery on a regular basis?

  1. Clean home environment- All fabrics in your house act as a filter just like your carpet. It can hold soil and odor causing and other harmful bacteria.
  2. Protect your investment- By cleaning your upholstery, you will extend the life by keeping harmful soil and substances out of your fabrics.
  3. Stay looking beautiful- Keep your home clean and inviting for your family and guests.